Andalucía Basic Data

Andalusia Basic Data

It offers a basic compendium of statistical information on the physical, demographic, social and economic surroundings of Andalusia.

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Basic Data 2010 (Spanish)  Basic Data 2006 (Spanish)  Basic Data 2002   Basic Data 1998   Basic Data 1994
Basic Data 2009                   Basic Data 2005                   Basic Data 2001   Basic Data 1997   
Basic Data 2008                   Basic Data 2004                   Basic Data 2000   Basic Data 1996
Basic Data 2007                   Basic Data 2003                   Basic Data 1999   Basic Data 1995

Andalusia Basic Data. Gender perspective

Andalusia Basic Data. Gender perspective

Product that compiles basic information on population, social surroundings, education, health, employment and participation in the decision processes, broken down by gender

Access to the publications:
Andalusia Basic Data 2010. Gender perspective (Spanish)       Andalusian Women. Basic Data 2005 (Spanish)
Andalusia Basic Data 2009. Gender perspective (Spanish)       Andalusian Women. Basic Data 2004
Andalusia Basic Data 2008. Gender perspective (Spanish)       Andalusian Women. Basic Data 2003
Andalusia Basic Data 2007. Gender perspective (Spanish)       Andalusian Women. Basic Data 2002 (Spanish)
Andalusia Basic Data 2006. Gender perspectives (Spanish)     Andalusian Women. Basic Data 2001 (Spanish)

Datos Básicos Provinciales

Almería Basic Data…Sevilla. Basic Data

Publications elaborated by the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA), that gather basic data relating to the demographic, environmental, economic, social, educative, sanitary and cultural situation of each of the Andalusian provinces and their respective municipalities.

Access to the publications (Spanish):
Basic Data 2010:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla  Last update: 26/02/2010
Basic Data 2009:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla
Basic Data 2008:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla
Basic Data 2007:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla
Basic Data 2006:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla
Basic Data 2005:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla
Basic Data 2004:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla
Basic Data 2003:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla
Basic Data 2002:  Almería Cádiz Córdoba Granada Huelva Jaén Málaga Sevilla

Municipios andaluces. Datos básicos

Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data

Product of synthesis that offers statistical information on the Municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia comparable with the data of their respective provinces and with Andalusia as a whole.

Access to the publications (Spanish):
Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2010     Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2005     Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2000
Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2009     Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2004
Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2008     Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2003
Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2007     Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2002
Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2006     Andalusian Municipalities. Basic Data 2001