Cartography by topics


  Scope Organization
  Andalusia on a Piece of Paper Mu IECA
  Atlas of the Spatial History of Andalusia Mu IECA
   Other Official Cartography of Andalusia (external links):
  Scope Organization
  Mapping of Cattle Trails in Andalusia Mu CMAOT
  Landscape Mapping Mu CMAOT
  Mapping of Geodiversity in Andalusia Mu CMAOT
  Continuous Digital Geological Map Mu CEICE
  Geotechnical Map of Earthquake Resistant Characteristics Mu CFV
  Information System of Andalusian Natural Heritage (SOISE/SIPNA) Mu CMAOT


  • GC- Groups of countries
  • Co- Countries
  • N- National
  • C- Autonomous communities


  • A- Andalusia
  • TA- Tourist area
  • TP- Tourist point
  • Mu- Multiterritorial


  • HD- Health districts
  • Pr- Provincial
  • R- Regions
  • SA- Subregional area


  • M- Municipality
  • Ci- Cities
  • Ss- Statistics section
  • SM- Supramunicipal