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Labor Insertion of Graduates in Public Universities of Andalusia

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Territorial scope

Territorial scope

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The statistics of Labor insertion of graduates in public universities of Andalusia offers, from the statistical exploitation of the files of enrollment and academic performance of students of the public universities of Andalusia, and after the link with their employment and unemployment data Available in the Longitudinal Database of Population of Andalusia, information related to the labor insertion process of university graduates that enables the analysis of the different aspects that characterize and determine the access of said group to the labor markets.

With this activity, detailed information on the transition from university education to work, on the employability of university graduates through their job placement rates, as well as the different work situations and conditions they experience during their first years in the labor market.

This activity is carried out through the collaboration of the public universities of Andalusia, the General Directorate of Universities of the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, the Andalusian Employment Service and the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography.