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GnoIDE. IDE Node Builder

GnoIDE. IDE Node Builder  Andalusia moves with Europe

GnoIDE offers a package of open source applications and its own development within the Framework of the GIS-Corporate Project, which allows to deploy a Spatial Data Infrastructure Node in a simple way, which simplifies the complex administration tasks that map servers carry. , facilitating compliance with regulations on geographic information for public administrations, and providing a simple tool to share geographic data.



  • Last update: 07/07/2022


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GnoIDE guarantees the availability of specific technological resources so that administrations that do not have them can share geographic information and focus their efforts on maintaining the data sets for which they are competent and whose publication is required by law.

It is the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA) that makes available its technological infrastructure of servers, application server software, databases or specific programs to publish maps (GeoServer) or metadata (Geonetwork), in accordance with standards that guarantee their interoperability.

Users external to the IECA only need to connect to a web application from where they can upload their spatial information layers, configure a legend and publish maps as interoperable services. Once the map services are shared, they can be viewed directly in the application, or in countless web viewers or desktop clients such as QGIS, GVSIG or ArcGis, since they all have the ability to consume the standardized services generated by GnoIDE.