Labor Insertion of Graduates in Public Universities of Andalusia

The statistics of Labor insertion of graduates in public universities of Andalusia offers, based on the statistical exploitation of the records of enrollment and academic performance of students of the public universities of Andalusia, and after the link with their employment and unemployment data available in the Longitudinal Population Database of Andalusia, information related to the labor insertion process of university graduates that enables the analysis of the different aspects that characterize and determine access to said collective to labor markets.

Together with the statistical results disseminated from this activity, sets of individual, public and freely accessible microdata have been prepared, which allow the published results to be replicated or expanded with new analysis perspectives not contemplated in the original tabulation plan. The microdata sets are made up of the records corresponding to graduates of public universities in Andalusia. The information included is anonymized, as it does not contain direct identifiers, and is subject to methods to control the risk of disclosure and preservation of statistical secrecy. The files have been broken down according to the population group under analysis: one file for each of the promotions of university graduates available (currently, those corresponding to the academic years 2011-2012 until 2020-2021). The central analysis variables are offered in such a way that they can be followed for a period of 5 years, starting the observation window in the year of graduation from the corresponding promotion. The details of the content, structures and the data dictionary of the public microdata files can be found in the documents Description of the contents of public microdata and Code dictionary.

In addition to the public microdata files, there is an extended microdata file that incorporates detailed information on residence-work mobility. This file responds to the same structure of public microdata, with the addition of two variables for each of the reference periods, relative to the place of residence and work in each quarter. All the studio promotions published so far have been added to this file. It is available to researchers upon request to the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography through the Contact Form. Once your request has been received, the Diffusion and Publications Service of the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography will contact you to inform you of the method of delivery and the terms of use of this data.

Information access

Public microdata file


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Microdata of the Course 2015-2016 csv (zip compressed) 894 KB
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Microdata of the Course 2017-2018 csv (zip compressed) 565 KB
Microdata of the Course 2018-2019 csv (comprimido zip) 429 KB
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Microdata of the Course 2020-2021 csv (comprimido zip) 480 KB

Microdata file on request


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