Social Survey 2010 and 2018. Panel of Education and Transitions to the Labor Market in Andalusia

The Social Survey 2018: Education and transitions to the labor market in Andalusia (ESOC-2018) takes as a starting point the sample design of the Social Survey 2010: Education and homes in Andalusia (ESOC-2010), following up to youth in the 1994 cohort. The survey is therefore the second episode of information collection in the follow-up to this cohort. This longitudinal perspective allows us to know, eight years later, how their lives have developed in different areas, being able to contextualize their present situation with the characteristics of their families of origin and with their previous school trajectories.

With the publication of these panel microdata, a file is made available to users with the individuals who responded to both the 2010 Social Survey and the 2018 Social Survey, along with a selection of the main variables included in both surveys. This subsample of 1,868 individuals, which represents 72.3% of those who responded in 2010, will allow longitudinal analysis of the cohort under study, young people born in 1994 who in 2010 resided in Andalusia.

However, if the objective is to make estimates exclusively of variables collected in the Social Survey 2018 (without crossing them with others of 2010), it should be borne in mind that, in general, the estimates made with the subsample (1,868 individuals) will be different from those made with the complete sample (2,573 individuals). Thus, to complete this objective, the complete microdata file already published of said Social Survey should be used, which will provide more precise estimates as it has a larger sample size. In the same way, if you want to make estimates exclusively of variables collected in the 2010 Social Survey, you must use the complete microdata file of said survey (2,584 individuals), since, as mentioned, it will provide more precise estimates than those obtained from start from the subsample.

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