Social Survey 2007. A vision of Andalusia

The "Social Survey 2007. An overview of Andalusia" is a survey on the Andalusian population aged 18 and over living in main family dwellings, and offers multidimensional analysis providing an outline of the social reality of Andalusia. This survey was conducted by the Institute of Statistics of Andalusia with the collaboration of the Institute for Advanced Social Studies in the questionnaire design and Andalusian universities in the fieldwork, developed between 1st October 2006 and 30th March 2007.

Micro-data from the "Social Survey 2007. An overview of Andalusia", contains information on anonymised individual records. Microdata file containing survey information is an ASCII data file without headers and field delimiters (commas, tabs, etc.). As it cannot be performed automatically by the software we provide the code to import data (ASCII) into SAS and SPSS.

To load data correctly, we recommend the following steps:

  1. First, download the "Microdata file ascii" ( and unzip it before running the code.
  2. Save the SAS code with the extension (.sas), this will allow SAS to recognize the file as a SAS syntax file. Likewise to import data into SPSS save the SPSS syntax with the extension (.sps).
    (As an alternative to step 2, it is possible to open and copy the code directly into the SAS or SPSS syntax editor)
  3. To run the code correctly, go to the microdata folder location ("C: \ ... \ Microdatos_ESA07") and the full path ("C: \ ... \ Microdatos_ESA07 \ micro") and introduce them into the specified position at the beginning of the code. This step is detailed in the instructions for loading the code itself.

Information access

File Format Size
Questionnaire pdf 777 KB
Design registration and valid values xls, pdf (comprimido zip) 319 KB
Microdata file ascii ascii (comprimido zip) 212 KB
Microdata file csv csv (comprimido zip) 236 KB
Code to import SPSS sps 71 KB
Code to import SAS sas 112 KB