Social Survey 2008. Households and environment in Andalusia

The “Social Survey 2008: Households and environment in Andalusia” is a survey that adheres to this model. It has been directed at the main family households and people aged 16 and over residing in them in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, in order to illustrate through their results household habits, consumer patterns and attitudes in relation to the environment, as well as household equipment and the use made of this equipment in relation to a variety of environmental factors.

This survey carried out in the Andalusian Autonomous Community between March and June 2008 by the Institute of Statistics of Andalusia, has been developed within the framework of a national cooperation project in which the Institute of Statistics of Catalonia, the Galician Institute of Statistics, the Basque Institute of Statistics and the National Institute of Statistics have participated. Each statistical body took on the survey data capture in its respective territory, assuring the comparability and integration of its results.

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