What is Safe Telematic Notifications Service

The Ministry of Public Administration, in collaboration with the Post Office, has established a new service called "Safe Telematic Notifications" that enables individuals or legal upon request, receive notification by computer, communications and notices of events that currently receive on paper. Subscription to this service is voluntary and free. This service has signed this application in order to facilitate the possibility for citizens, in connection with the procedures set out.

Requirements to access the Service

The requirements for joining this service are following:

  • Have a personal standard X.509 digital certificate installed in your browser v3, issued by any recognized certification authority.
  • Create your unique electronic address, which consists of an electronic address, which, as its name suggests, will be only for receipt of notices, communications and / or notices of incidents by electronic means. This means that it is the usual way, and exclusively for the reception, being eliminated in the shipping paper. Your request is in any event is free and voluntary.
    Associated with Email only, the holder will have a mailbox in which receive such notifications, communications and / or announcements, but only in relation to proceedings to which it has decided voluntarily subscribe.
    To create this unique electronic address, simply access the link found at the bottom of this page and sign the form contained therein. Subscribe the procedures for which you are interested to have this service. It is not necessary to qualify for all of them, but only those who are interested in each case. It is also possible thereafter, request removal from the Service. In any case, this service is also voluntary and free.

After the Single Email subscription and completed the procedures chosen, you can access the consultation of notifications, communications and / or notices received telematics, simply by accessing the electronic mailbox associated with your DEU. This box lists all of the notifications received, and for each one of them, may know their status (new, read or rejected) and the date of the electronic availability in your mailbox. Also, before consulting your service, you may choose to read it and save it to your personal computer or reject it and return it to the issuing agency. In any case, this decision will be sent with your validated electronic signature electronically and dated him.

In any case, the notifications received from nature and characteristics are identical to those previously made by traditional procedures ( shipping paper).


interested in subscribing to the Service

Adherence to Safe Telematic Notifications Servicion to consult with maximum comfort, notifications and alerts in the mailbox associated Only your Email Address and, as mentioned above, resolving incidents that could occur with a considerable saving of time and indirect costs.

This mailbox, on the other hand, meets all suguridad measures necessary to ensure that only its owner has access to and content of notifications or communications, which constitutes a confidential and private.

It is also a flexible system (documents can be read or rejected, removed or stored, downloaded and printed), composed (he can get through alternative means such as email or SMS alerts receipt), personal (individual citizen or business has its own mailbox) and unified (all communications are received in a single mailbox). In any case, access to the service is completely reversible since, at any time, you can cancel it by giving your email address low Single.

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